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This website is a fansite of the Hubbardian Sion, known for appearing as Time Green in Mirai Sentai Timeranger produced by Toei in 2000-2001. I started this site at Neocities because I was looking for about 20 years for a place to express my passion for Sion. There is content introducing him as well as episode reviews and more. The reviews are written from just one point of view. Please understand that you may disagree with my opinion.


Toei contents used in the site are noncommercial and protected by fair use. Please do not reproduce the pictures from Toei used on the site. Sorry for the inconvenience. If I am contacted by Toei and those involved regarding this site as a rights violation, I will delete the site immediately. The site also may be deleted without notice by the web host for the reasons mentioned above. ご連絡等は日本語で送ってくださって構いません。


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