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Planet Hubbard
This is the planet Hubbard, Sion’s origin. Planet Hubbard was a tragic planet that exploded and disappeared from space in 2984 because it was involved in a space war. When in a lab, he lived a lonely life as a research subject.

About Sion
Sion is a boy who was the only one survivor from the disappeared Planet Hubbard in 2984. He was in the escape capsule and crash landed on earth when he was a baby. Because Hubbardians are famous for their excellent brains, the people on earth treated him as a research subject in the lab. Sad days like that continued until he was 17 y/o. However, he couldn’t stand that life, and left the lab, for he wanted to join TTDB. Immediately after joining TTDB, he assumed a new mission to time travel, he and his coworkers headed toward the 20th century. He ended up fighting as Time Green of Timeranger with them.

He only has to sleep 1 week a year due to a Hubbardian physiological phenomenon. When sleeping, he continues to sleep for a week. He seems to like watching TV, and the dream he saw was related to some TV shows. He had a special education at the lab, which is why he can repair robots while closing his eyes. Some people easily flung Sion meaninglessly in different situations, so he must be lightweight. He has dyed his hair since he was 3 years old, White, blue, light green and gold – he enjoys changing his hair color. His favorite pattern is stripes because he wears clothes with that pattern in summer or winter.

This is the planet Hubbard, Sion’s origin. Planet Hubbard was a tragic planet that exploded and disappeared from space in 2984 because it was involved in a space war.

What I like about Sion

  • He is Hubbard "alien".
  • He knows true justice.
  • He has colorful hair.
  • He respects people.
  • He never warped his personality in any situation.
  • He is kind to everyone.
  • He sleeps only 1 weeks in 1 year.
  • He wears dog pattern pajamas.
  • He tries hard everything.
  • He makes sukiyaki for his friends.
  • He can repair any robots.
  • He values truth, friendship, and all relationships.
  • He is a person who can prioritize other people more than himself.
And above all, he reminds me of something important to me!!
What about Timeranger and TTDB Sion joined?

Timeranger is an emergency mode status of the special unit organization TTDB founded in the 3000’s on earth. Time machine development started in the 25th century and was invented in 2990. So much imprudent time traveling made bad results in history, and there was a possibility for the 31st century to cease to exist. For that reason, time traveling was generally prohibited and TTDB was organized and set up special units. Their main role is to stop changing history when time travelers stay in different times. Depending on the situation it’s possible that large scale destruction could involve people on purpose, and in that case, the special unit transforms into the emergency mode Timeranger to resist this. The Timeranger that worked hard since about 20 years ago from now consisted of Yuuri, Ayase, Domon, and Sion as members of TTDB from the 30th century, and Tatsuya from the 20th century who they fatefully met, in addition to Naoto as a member of City Guardians. They fought against the Londerz family to change their own tomorrow for the better and to save the future of the earth we live on from the end of the world. Thank you so much Timeranger!!
When the Hubbardian Sion uses his Chrono Changer, he transforms into Time Green. He has less physical strength than the other members. He makes full use of the Hubbardian’s excellent brain and fought with gimmickry to defeat monsters. Even if they are a Londerz prisoner, his insight finds a prisoner’s true goodness of heart. He lets people realize what is justice. VolPulser, one of his weapons, shoots a pulse beam. He made it better so that it can be used as a battle shield. Not only that, he improved the Chrono suits' performance to speed up for a certain period of time, and he developed parts for their swords to make them work as beam rifles. His Double Vector sword shoots a Vector End 9, which is his unique special move.

Sion's true figure...

...Actually Sion is a human.

No, Sion is not human.

There just exists a human person who acts out the Hubbardian Sion on this earth.

So, that person is...

Masahiro Kuranuki
I hope he appear in a Taiga drama, when he gets older.

Official web site/Official blog/Twitter

Sion's figure in another dimension

Trip is sion in another dimension...! He fought as Green Time Force Ranger who is one of member of Time Force Rangers. He also did time travel to chase a 31st century criminal family who escaped back to the 21st century with his coworker. He is an alien from planet Xybria and a clairvoyant, he can receive various information by his body part like a jewel on the forehead. He is an alien and specialist of mechanic in common with Sion. Trip also has pure and kind heart, and sticks to his justice for everyone. Circuit (Tac in the Japan ver) is Trip's very close friend, he is maintained by Trip. Different from Sion, Trip needs lots of sleep time, and he hasn't dyed his hair. He is cool too!

Enjoy the site contents!!

How to dye hair like Sion

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