Name Slava/スラヴァ
Origin Japan
Live USA
Food Jamaican salt fish and okra, Taiwan Railway Bento, Onigiri(seaweed, bonito, salmon, cod roe), Coxinha
Drink Oolong tea, Very hard water, Whole milk
Movie The Legend of The Stardust Brothers, Apocalypto,
Funeral Parade of Roses, Kwaidan, Shojo Tsubaki
Music Space disco, Psytrance, Disco polo, Tropical music, J-pop, Symphonic metal
TV Show Super Sentai, Sailor Moon, Digimon, Chocomimi,
The Marshmallow Times, Hey! Hey! Shroom,
Popee the Performer, I.W.G.P, Hey Arnold
Hello, I'm Slava. Thank you for visiting my site! I'm enjoying being active on Neocities. My purpose in starting the site is to share nostalgic memories with someone, and get people interested in Timeranger and Super Sentai. However, the site may be deleted immediately due to various reasons, until then enjoy the site! (Even saying that, this has already existed for over 2 years.) I'm a Japanese and my native language is Japanese but I speak English also like now. You can talk to me with both languages. スラヴァです。日本語の方が話せます。というか、最近は英語で誰とも会話していません。゚(゚^ω^゚)゚。 シャイなのでウェブリングに入ってないし、誰かをフォローすることも少ないんですけど、様々なNeocitianのサイトを閲覧して、とても楽しんでいます。みんなよろしくね(=゚ω゚)ノ
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Another my site
This is my main web site. It's updated slowly but always active. I started this site to show things I made and share my favorite things. It's a place where I can properly express myself. If you're interested in me, please come visit my site!
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