Here are my reviews of episodes of the show along with personal commentary. I delve into things that aren't fully explained within the show, and there are spoilers. It's based on my personal opinion, so you may not agree with my assessments. 5 star is the highest rating, and because this is a Sion fansite, the extent to which he plays a role in the episode also will affect the rating.

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Case File.1 The Time Fugitives
Rating: Airdate: 2000/02/13
Even though the 4 new cadets who join The Time Protect Bureau don't conduct training, they timetravel to 2000's to catch the Dolnero family and protect time. They meet a guy there whose face looks like their captain living 1000 years in the future. This day the beginning of Sion's first free life.
Case File.2 The Unseen Future
Rating: Airdate: 2000/02/20
The 4 new cadets of TTPB timetravel to 20th century for chase Dolnero and his family are required not to back 30th century until capturing that criminals. Tatsuya live in 20th century who helped them at the first battle encouraged they in hopeless situation to be change them tommorow, and he want to fight together.
Case File.3 The Acceleration of Dreams
Unreviewed ---
They decided to live together while capturing Dolnero and his family. Need a money to life, Tatsuya suggest to start a company to their speciall skill, but Ayase never tell them about himself. When an under investingation for Londerz climinal "Keys" chase the armored car, he tell only Tatsuya about his life.
Case File.4 The Hostage Is an Alien
Unreviewed ---
Case File.5 The Third Formation
Unreviewed ---
with translation help from Nagaimo.